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Restaurant gastronomique à Touques

Proche de Deauville Trouville, Cuisine traditionnelle

12 Quai Monrival 14800 Touques Tel:

ouvert tous les jours sauf le mercredi et jeudi

 Formule15.00€ pour le déjeuner du lundi au samedi 

Dans le menu des Vallasses

Entrée+plat ou entrée+dessert ou plat+dessert


       site :

Fish the Touques River on a Charter Boat

Touques river fishing is one of the overlooked joys of visiting this beautiful slice of France. Every year, tens of thousands of tourists flock to Normandy to take in the famous history, culture and food. There’s more to do in this gorgeous region than you could attempt in a month, and the world-class quality of the fishing is something that should definitely be added to an angler’s agenda.

While it’s true that the French Riviera on the southern coast is better known for its fishing, there’s no shortage of great fishing on the northern side. The river Touques is a great place to enjoy fly fishing and other relaxing angling, and if you’re looking for adventure, you’ll find it in easy reach.

From the town of Touques, the English Channel is just a short trip away. You can ride right out of the river and into the open ocean. Once you’re out there in the Atlantic, you can do some real sport fishing with the exciting game fish that move through the channel all year long. Sharks, rays, haddock, cod and skate are all found in the local waters.

The Touques commune is the perfect place to rent a charter boat for ocean fishing or river fishing. It probably won’t surprise you to learn that the locals are avid and enthusiastic fishers. You’ll be able to find great ships piloted by experienced captains who can take you to the best known or hidden fishing spots in the area.

If you’re more interested in luxury, you’ll also be able to find the perfect craft for your trip. Luxury yachts are available in plentiful supply near Touques, and they come in sizes to match whatever you need in terms of luxury features and room for all of your companions.



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Restaurant à Touques proche de Deauville et Trouville. Cuisine gastronomique , spécialité de fruits de mer